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L.A. Stories is a collaborative project between artists Thomas Müller (Los Angeles) and Samantha Scherer (Seattle). Using Hollywood as a backdrop, L.A. Stories examines the intersection of mythology and personal experience: what we believe to be true versus what is actually true, and ultimately, if it really matters. Since its inception, Hollywood has been the primary producer of pop culture, arguably America’s greatest export. As a place and as a concept, Hollywood has become a modern day myth maker. Wrapped up in its legends, it comes to believe them, constantly creating new truths.

This work contrasts personal realities, with the images that Hollywood creates. Taking its form from story telling and drawing, this exhibit features drawings by Scherer, created from stories of real events –a mustard fight between Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Nicholas Cage buying cheap gas at ARCO, standing behind Bishop Magic Don Juan at the Hollywood post office– as told by Müller. Through emails and telephone conversations, Scherer draws her interpretations of Müller’s experiences combined with her own vicarious impressions of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Drawn on sheets of paper embossed by Müller from the streets and sidewalks of L.A., each drawing gives a literal imprint of the city, stains and all, over which a new reality is constructed.

L.A. Stories has been shown at MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles CA in September 2008, at Vertigo Art Space in Denver CO in February 2008 and at SOIL Art Gallery in Seattle WA in February 2007.

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Snapshots from Vertigo opening, Denver CO, February 2008

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